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The New London system is the capital system of Bretonia space. It consists of one settled planet, five corporate bases, one criminal base, and the Battleship Suffolk, local base of operations for the Bretonia Armed Forces. Interspace Commerce, Planetform and BMM have all set up operational bases in the system. As a result, the presence of Bounty Hunters are quite high around those stations.

On the other hand, this station is inhabited by multiple bands of criminals, with the notable examples of the Corsairs, Outcasts and the Mollys. Most of these can be sighted around Trafalgar Base, run by the Junkers. Gaian attacks are common at Canterbury Station, home of their nemesis, Planetform.

Due to the extensive mining and industrial operations, this system is heavily polluted. Most asteroid fields, as well as the South Hampton Debris field, are hazardous due to explosive gas pockets and radiation fields. Therefore, caution is usually advised to anyone attempting to travel outside the trade lanes.



Connecting Jump GatesEdit

Connecting Jump HolesEdit

House Forces / CorporationsEdit



  • Puno (C3/C4) - Cardamine 20
  • Vanguard (5C)
  • Trujillo (4G) bottom left

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