Omega-3 System

Omega 3 is one of the Border Worlds, it is connected to the Cambridge system. This system is patrolled by the Bretonia military, and occassional patrols from the Red Hessians and Corsairs can be sighted as well. Three bases have been established in this system, with one of them being a Zoner freeport. The freeport, as well as the jumpgates to Cambridge and Omega 7 are connected by tradelanes.


Planet SpragueEdit

A desert planet hosting a small archaeological expedition.

Note: Landing on Planet Sprague is only available during the storyline.


Douglas StationEdit

Douglas Station is owned and operated by Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM) for the manufacturing of Polymers using the abundant raw materials in the system. Security around the facility is abnormally high due to frequent skirmishes with Corsairs.

Freeport 1Edit

Freeport 1 was founded by a group of Zoners over sixty years ago. It was the first station of its kind to be declared open to all, and it still provides a place for commerce and Food sales to everyone, regardless of legal status.

Rugen StationEdit

Rugen Station was built by Daumann Heavy Construction for the manufacturing of Polymers using the abundant raw materials found in the system. While pirates are always a problem, Daumann’s long-running rivalry with the neighboring Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM) operation on Douglas Station has resulted in more than a few exchanges of weapons fire.

Jump Gates/HolesEdit




Burgess Ice CloudEdit

A medium-size field of ice asteroids. Freeport 1 is located near the inner edge of the field, and will sell its excess supplies to anyone without prejudice -- including Corsairs, who frequent the area.

Coombe Asteroid FieldEdit

A medium-sized field of mixed carbonaceous and ice asteroids. The second Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM) Polymer production facility is located here on Douglas Station, through attacks by Corsairs have required BMM to substantially increases security.

Graham Ice FieldEdit

A medium-sized cloud of ice asteroids. Corsairs can sometimes be spotted in the cloud on their way to attack transport ships on the Trade Lanes.

Roth Asteroid FieldEdit

A medium-sized field of mixed carbonaceous and ice asteroids. The Daumann Polymer and Hydrocarbon operation of Ruegen has been plagued by repeated Red Hessian attacks.

Wilkes Ice FieldEdit

A medium-sized field of ice asteroids. Often used as cover by Red Hessian pirates to attack Trade Lane traffic passing through the area.


The system has a anomaly in the 5C Sector, near Baxter Research Station.