Lieutenant Ozu

Ozu (died 805 AS) was a Lieutenant in the Blood Dragons and an ally of freelancer Edison Trent in his quest for the Proteus Tome. Revered by his people as a superior officer and dedicated fighter for the cause, Ozu was known for leading highly professional precision attacks. Ozu flew a specialized Kusari J10-15P Dragon Heavy Fighter with vastly more powerful hardware than what would normally be possible with such a ship. He, along with Trent and Lord Hakkera of the Order, led the assault upon Tekagi's decoy convoy and later, on Tekagi's Arch, a fortress in the remote and nearly inaccessible Tohoku system.

Trent and Ozu infiltrated Tekagi's base and killed his guards, trying to enter his private library to retrieve the Tome. As Trent went for the Tome, Ozu hid an explosive device under a conference table. However, Governor Tekagi had laid a trap for any potential infiltrators, and both men were knocked out with gas. Awaking to find themselves at the mercy of the Governor, Trent and Ozu at first refused to talk; Ozu silently showed Trent that he had the remote detonator for his explosive in his hand. Tekagi, unaware of Ozu's failsafe, fatally wounded Ozu with a thrown blade, then began to interrogate Trent.

As Tekagi's eyes began to glow and his voice changes, it was revealed there is something very wrong with Tekagi. However, Hakkera arrived just in time to deliver a Gunship Rescue in his specialized Dagger ship. Hakkera opened fire into the room, forcing Tekagi down; Trent leaped through the force field into Hakkera's open cockpit. As Trent escaped with Hakkera, the dying Ozu heroically detonated his explosive device, taking Tekagi and his Nomad puppeteer with him, and setting off a chain reaction in the base itself. Meanwhile, Hakkera drops Trent off at his ship, and both escape from the base before it violently explodes.

Ozu was remembered as a Blood Dragon hero and a hero of Sirius, as he helped set in motion the defeat of the Nomads.

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