Unfettered by colony law, Curacao is run by Orbital Spa and Cruise Lines as a pleasure planet where every whim and decadent urge is fulfilled. The only sound that can be heard over the lapping waves on its fabulous beaches is the tremendous outpouring of credits by its patrons. This is not a planet for the idle vacationer; it was established to cater to the affluent from Manhattan and Los Angeles who, in many cases, have more currency than morals.


Planet Curacao is a beautiful terrestrial world in the Cortez system mostly covered by liquid water. It is home to many seaside resorts owned by Orbital Spa and Cruise. The many natural vistas this world offers, plus the freedom of the Independent Worlds, makes Curacao a popular vacation hotspot for many a wealthy Liberty citizen looking to relieve themselves of both credits and morals, if only for a time.


  • LOCATION: Cortez system, Independent Worlds
  • DIAMETER: 19,443 km.
  • MASS: 6.98 x 10e25 kg.
  • TERRAIN: Terrestrial
  • TEMPERATURE: -56°C to 53°C
  • ESCAPE VELOCITY: 13.27 km/sec

Ships SoldEdit

Bounty Hunter AP-7031 Barracuda Heavy Fighter (Lvl 13, $71,210)




Guns For SaleEdit

Turrets For SaleEdit

Missiles For SaleEdit

Shields For SaleEdit

Torpedo/Cruise Disruptors For SaleEdit

Mine Dispensers For SaleEdit

  • Razor Mine
  • Seeker Mine
  • Tadpole Mine
  • Wardog Mine


CRIMINALS ON CURACAO?: CURACAO -- Orbital Spa and Cruise Lines responded vehemently to the claim made by a Liberty Security Force report, which stated that Lane Hackers had occasionally been spotted at the Curacao resort in the Cortez Independent World. The report also inferred that some Orbital staff aware of the infrequent Lane Hacker visits looked the other way because of potential profits from vacationing pirates aboard the base. "This accusation is an outrage," said an anonymous Orbital executive. "If it were a private organization making such claims, our lawyers would be preparing a libel suit."

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