Planet Gammu is a robot inhabited world in the Unknown 2 system. This planet is noted for being a exact copy of Planet Toledo in the Omicron Minor system. 
2013-01-29 00001

Planet Gammu, Unknown 2

However this planet sells nothing and does not even have a commodities dealer.

The bar is populated with robots who seem to know you already and just need to refresh thier memory similar to Planet Primus. There are no jobs available here and all the robots have nothing to offer. 

2013-01-29 00007

Planet Gammu Bar


The Equipment dealer will buy things from you however it
  • Planet Gammu Equipment DealerGo to Planet Gammu
  • Planet Gammu Equipment Dealer Weapons TabGo to Planet Gammu
  • Planet Gammu Equipment Dealer Ammunition TabGo to Planet Gammu
  • Planet Gammu Equipment Dealer Shield and Thruster TabGo to Planet Gammu
  • Planet Gammu Equipment Dealer Nanobot and Shield Battery TabGo to Planet Gammu

 will not sell anything to you and can't even repair anything.       

An intersting thing about this planet is the fact that its atmosphere will not 

2013-01-29 00011

Planet Gammu

destroy you only impact like a regular asteriod dispite the warning. 

This planet is also regularly attacked by nomad squadrons consisting of four Nomad Fighter s. Also if you look at the info the planet on the map it gives the description of the planet Junyo.


2013-01-29 00008

Planet Gammu Bartender

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