Pygar is a desert world in the Omicron Theta system. Scoured clean by ceaseless sandstorms that wash across its surface, Pygar was discovered in 550 AS by the Bretonia exploratory/research vessel Fearless. During initial surveys, individual sandstorms that lasted for several years and reached top speeds of 805 km/h were observed. Most surface probes were destroyed in a matter of hours and no further surveys have been attempted.

Pygar is apparently a known source for Artifacts; however, as there is no docking ring or base, you cannot buy them here. Artifacts were initially found on the planet by survey crews from the Fearless and sent back to Bretonia via courier ships. Much later, Doctor Sinclair discovered the Dom'Kavash Artifact here, but it was stolen by Syd before she could return with it to Professor Roland Quintaine.

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