Landing on Sprague

Landing on Sprague

Planet Sprague is located in the Omega 3 system, just south of Freeport 1. Sprague was the site of a xenoarchaeological dig undertaken by the Cambridge University of Bretonia. The dig was headed by Doctor Sinclair, whose team included at least two human assistants and a robot. It appears very likely that at least one of the human assistants (and probably the robot) was killed when a Rheinland Valkyrie dropped a bomb down the dig site's docking shaft.

The DigEdit

Dom'Kavash Ruins 02

The Digsite on Sprague

The digsite is buried under a hillside. A hatch opens to a vertical shaft, which leads into a hangar area and the rest of the base. Further inside are Dom'Kavash ruins, where Doctor Sinclair has arranged a nearby laboratory, including clear panel cases containing what look to be fragments of script from large scrolls, covered in xenoglyphs.

Single Player PlotEdit

Planet Sprague does not have a docking ring, except briefly during Mission 5 in the Single Player Plot. After docking on Sprague, the planet is attacked by Rheinlanders, and both the digsite base and the planet's docking ring are destroyed while Trent, Juni, and Sinclair escape the planet. Therefore, no landings are possible on Sprague before or after Mission 5.

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