The Toledo System is the home of the secret headquarters of The Order, built in complete secrecy only 3 months prior to the events in the single player campaign.


Planet ToledoEdit

Founded 3 months prior to the events in the single player campaign, Toledo houses the secret headquarters of The Order. The Order was established by a former Liberty Security Forces officer named Casper Orillion, after discovering the Nomad plot to take over the human colonies of the Sirius Sector. This location is only reachable during the single player campaign.

  • OWNER: The Order
  • SHIPS SOLD: Anubis Very Heavy Fighter
  • DIAMETER: ???? km.
  • MASS: ??? x 10e?? kg.
  • TERRAIN: Terrestrial
  • TEMPERATURE: -??°C to ??°C
  • ESCAPE VELOCITY: ??? km/sec
  • LOCATION= Omicron Minor, Sector C/D 4/5

Side note: There are more rooms on the base then accessible from the bar, and the deck. However the additional room allowes access to any other room of the base.

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