Dr. Quintaine, I presume

"Doctor Quintaine, I presume?"

Professor Roland Quintaine is a xenoarcheologist who works for the Cambridge Research Institute, and is a major character in the story, for only he can unlock the secrets of the Dom'Kavash Artifact.

Before the Story Begins...Edit

Quintaine, prior to the story, carried out artifact research for the Bretonian government, usually based at their dig site on Planet Sprague. When he had heard that his assistant, Dr. Sinclaire, had found an active Dom'Kavash artifact on Pygar, he was enthralled. But little did he know that other people took notice. His colleagues began to dissapear one by one, leaving no trace. One night, the professor found his lab destroyed. He was now aware that he was being followed. The perpetrator was a man named Kress, who had told Quintaine that his research had put him in grave danger. He offered him a place to hide so that he would be safe. Quintaine then left without a trace to a hinding place in the Dublin System, aboard the abandoned Gas Miner Glorious .

The ArtifactEdit

After waiting several days in hiding, the professor was found by the Rheinland Military. Just as Kress warned him, the militia were after his research. Soon after the attack began, by a stroke of luck, Quintaine was rescued by a freelancer called Edison Trent. Trent was seeking him to help Sinclaire unlock the secrets of the artifact. The professor was skeptic at first, but after mention of the artifact, Quintaine agreed to return with Trent to their hiding place on Leeds.

Rumors About QuintaineEdit

"People say you're looking for Quintaine? Be careful, it looks like the Professor has some powerful enemies. His lab has been destroyed and nobody has either seen or heard from the Professor in weeks. I fear the worst." - Rep. Dennis Downs, Bowex, Planet Cambridge

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