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Class 7 Graviton Shields - Protector ClassEdit


Protector Class Graviton Shields are commonly found for sale in the Border Worlds. The first opportunity to upgrade to the Protector Class occurs after the story mode; these are also the most powerful Graviton Shields you can acquire.

Protector Fr. ShieldEdit

  • Ship Type: Freighter
  • Capacity: 3,677
  • Regeneration Rate: 81
  • Price: $36,310

Protector H.F. ShieldEdit

  • Ship Type: Heavy Fighter
  • Capacity: 4,303
  • Regeneration Rate: 95
  • Price: $30,880

Protector L.F. ShieldEdit

  • Ship Type: Light Fighter
  • Capacity: 2,884
  • Regeneration Rate: 64
  • Price: $28,590

Bases Selling Protector Class Graviton ShieldsEdit

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