Pulse Weapons do lots of shield damage but virtually no hull damage. Pulse weapons all shoot at four shots per second (4.00 SPS). The only factions selling Pulse weapons are sold by Civilians and Corsairs.

Pulse Cannons by ClassEdit

Class Faction Name Hull Shield Energy RoF Speed Efficency DPS



Stunpulse 4.6 153 9.18 4 750 16.66 612
3 Civilian Adv. Stunpulse 5.6 186.8 11.21 4 750 16.66 747.2
5 Corsairs Borroco 10.1 303 24.24 4 600 12.5 1,212
7 Ageira Debilitator 15.7 522.8 31.36 4 750 16.66 2,091.2
7 Corsairs Rapier 17.4 522.8 41.82 4 600 12.5 2,091.2
8 Ageira Adv. Debilitator 23.9 795.0 47.70 4 750 16.66 3,180
9 Corsairs Tizona del Cid 40.8 1,222.5 97.8 4 600 12.5 4,890

Pulse Turrets by ClassEdit

Class Faction Name Hull Shield Energy RoF Speed Efficency DPS



Stunpulse Turret 4.6 153 9.18 4 700 16.66 612
6 Corsairs Borroco Turret 13.2 395.3 31.62 4 700 12.5 1,581.2
6 Civilian Debilitator Turret 11.9 395.3 23.72 4 700 16.66 1,581.2
8 Civilian Adv. Debilitator Turret 23.9 795.0 47.7 4 700 16.66 3,180
8 Corsairs Rapier Turret 26.5 795.0 63.6 4 700 12.5 3,180


Most players will find that installing a single pulse gun on a ship (perhaps on a turret) will greatly increase the rate that shields are stripped from enemy ships. However, this will also have the effect of reducing the amount of damage inflicted on a target's hull after the shields have been knocked off.

Cost-Benefit AnalysisEdit

The most damage any one shield can take is 9,690, while ship hulls for the strongest player-operable ship (the Corsairs' Titan VHF) has only 12,600 (the Outcasts'/Red Hessians' Sabre VHF has only 10,800).

The most powerful Pulse guns are the Tizona del Cid (Class 9) Corsairs and the Adv. Debilitator/Adv. Debilitator Turret (each Class 8). The Outcast Kraken Type 2 also fires at 4.00 SPS and is a Class 9 gun. To compare:

The Tizona del Cid does use slightly less power than the Kraken Type 2. The Tizona also strips shields about four times more efficiently. However, it does approximately fourteen times less hull damage than the Kraken Type 2. Assuming six gun slots on a VHF capable of carrying Class 9+ weapons, six Krakens would do 1,758 shield damage per shot, but 3,516 hull damage. A mix of five Krakens and one Tizona del Cid would do 2,687 shield damage per shot and 2,970 hull damage. Class 10 weapons of course do more damage, but as they have differing refire rates they have not been included in this example for simplicity.

Assuming a fully loaded Corsairs Titan with a maximum shield strength of 9,690 and a maximum hull strength of 12,600, six Krakens firing together can strip the shield in 5.51 shots, and eat the hull in 3.58 shots (approx. 9 shots to kill). Five Krakens and a Tizona del Cid can knock down the shield in 3.60 shots, and breach the hull in 4.24 shots (approx 8 shots to kill).


Therefore, adding a Tizona del Cid to your armaments for normal dogfighting is probably a good move. That being said, Transports, Battleships, and other large craft have huge hull strength. If you're planning on supplementing your Torpedo attacks with some strafing runs, you might want to leave the Pulse guns at home!

Factions Using Pulse WeaponsEdit

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