A Robot

"Robot" is a term coined by the Czech writer Karel Čapek, apparently derived from the Slovak word for "drudgery". Since the days of his play, robots are often thought of as "mechanical men" created by humans to do our work for us. Robots can do the work of a human being, especially when such work is dangerous (or suicidal), repetitive/boring (or otherwise unpleasant), or something that humans simply physically cannot do. Early robots excelled at doing jobs autonomously as long as those jobs were very limited: cutting a piece of metal to an exact size, for instance. Other robots dealing with more complex tasks (such as drones) are guided by a human via remote control. Many (if not most) robots are stationary.

Robots in FreelancerEdit

Autonomous, ambulatory, and apparently artificially intelligent, robots can be seen at various points throughout the game on stations and planets doing various tasks. Aside from these "droid" types, one could also consider automated weapons platforms and seeker mines robots, albeit much simpler varieties.

It appears that the droid-type robots are programmed to fidget as a human would (robots have no need to fidget unless programmed to do so). It is possible that this is to comfort human beings and notify them that the robot is indeed functional, rather than having a motionless, silent robot suddenly activate and startle a human.

Easter EggEdit

The robots are "Easter egg" NPCs found in Unknown 2 (system)

They inhabit a planet that resembles in every way, Planet Toledo (only accessible in campaign). The planet is a "Base" base. When you talk to one they speak in human accents such as the one of Bob Swaffer, the Manhattan bartender. They always resemble robot NPCs encountered while docking with stations and planets and equipment dealers. Note: The robots always accept your "Rep" when you talk to them despite the fact that they always say "Nothing now, maybe later." Also, they all say that they work for The Order.


The Unknown system 2 has nomads and also resembles and infinite tunnel. In the end of the campaign, Orillion says, "The Order will watch this gate." And may have been referring to putting robots on a planet in the Nomad Hypergate along with the monkeys on the Planet Primus.

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