Admiral Schultzky

Rheinland's Admiral Otto Schultzky was an officer in the Rheinland Navy.

When arriving at Newark Station to meet with Liberty's President Jacobi, he was killed when several Order operatives suddenly arrived and destroyed his ship, the Rheinland Cruiser Donau. Later in the storyline, it is revealed that he was possessed by a Nomad and had been sent by Rheinland Chancellor Niemann to infect Jacobi.


"There's no mystery why Admiral Schultzky is here. Chancellor Niemann sent him to play politics with the President. Many in the government believe that Niemann was behind the attack on Freeport 7. Schultzky is here to appease Liberty and the High Court, while the Rheinland Military continues to operate illegally in the Border Worlds. It's not a big secret that Rheinland has been overstepping its boundaries out there for the last few weeks." Coordinator William Campbell, Liberty Security Force, Planet Manhattan


RHEINLAND ADMIRAL IN MANHATTAN: Rheinland Admiral Otto Schultzky arrives in Manhattan today to meet with President Jacobi. Though they plan to discuss a new trade proposal, the President says that a heightened cooperative security measure will be on their agenda as well in light of the recent Freeport 7 tragedy. The admiral's flagship, the RNC Donau, will arrive in Manhattan today under heavy guard.

JACOBI HOPEFUL ABOUT MEETING: The President was candid today when asked about her upcoming meeting with Admiral Schultzky. She said that despite recently strained diplomatic ties, this is a positive gesture from Chancellor Niemann. Jacobi and Schultzky have met on several occasions before his formal diplomatic appointment, and she has previously described him as "a man of reason, committed to peace."

SCHULTZKY KILLED IN MANHATTAN: Rheinland Admiral Otto Schultzky has been assassinated by members of The Order! The President was visibly shaken when she heard that the ship carrying the Admiral was totally destroyed on its final approach to Newark Station. After extending her condolences to Rheinland, she ordered a full inquest, immediately charging the LSF to pursue The Order as its number one priority.

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