Sean Ashcroft is an Artifact smuggler operating in Liberty space. In Mission 2, Trent is assigned to go to the Colorado system with King to capture Ashcroft and bring him back to the LSF for questioning. After a "red herring" incident involving a piece of work named Cosmo Van Nostrom, Trent and King respond to an attack on Pueblo Station by Ashcroft's thugs.

Pueblo Station is saved after taking significant damage; however, Ashcroft fled into the Silverton Field heading towards the New York Jump Hole. Remarkably, though the flight path takes Trent and King within short range of Ouray Base, no Xenos are encountered during this mission.

After breaking up the distribution of the Artifacts to smaller ships, Trent and King shoot down Ashcroft, and Trent captures his life pod with a tractor beam. After fighting off any remaining pirates, Trent and King bring Ashcroft back to the New York system, where they are again ambushed by Liberty Rogues at Fort Bush in a last-ditch attempt to rescue Ashcroft. After fighting off this rescue attempt, Juni redirects Trent to drop off Ashcroft at the Battleship Missouri for questioning. Juni meets Trent along with two armed guards, explaining that "Ashcroft is a dangerous person, Trent."

Ashcroft does not appear in any cutscene, but is seen and heard during the mission when he reacts to Trent's attacking him. During Mission 3, Juni reveals that the interrogation was successful, and that Ashcroft revealed that there is a mole in the Liberty Navy. In Mission 3, Juni sets up an escort mission for a shipment of Artifacts to Willard Station in an effort to expose Ashcroft's mole; however, things seem to backfire after the escort mission. Juni reports that her CO has been arrested and that most of her friends in the LSF have gone missing, except for King, who's on Pittsburgh.

At this point, Trent and Juni have their first dance with Rheinland when they are attacked by three Valkyrie heavy fighters. After linking up with Captain Marcus Walker of the Liberty Cruiser Utah, Trent & Juni head back to Willard Station to stop a full-on attack by Rheinland gunboats and fighters. After beating the Rheinlanders, Juni advises Trent to keep a low profile while she tries to find out what in the Hell is going on with Liberty.

At the beginning of Mission 4, Juni lets Trent know that she attempted to follow up with Ashcroft regarding his Rheinland connection after all Hell broke loose in Mission 3, but he wasn't in his cell. Apparently, Ashcroft's prison records have been wiped, all the guards have been changed, and they say they've never even heard of Sean Ashcroft. Further, Walker's cruiser, the Utah, has had its records changed as well, stating that it was lost five years ago. Juni has a bad feeling about this...

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