Class 1 Graviton Shields - Sentry ClassEdit


Sentry Class Graviton Shields are commonly found for sale in Liberty space. In fact, all players are issued a Sentry L.F. Shield with their Starflier at the beginning of the game.

  • Sentry Fr. Shield
    • Ship Type: Freighter
    • Capacity: 765
    • Regeneration Rate: 17
    • Price: $1,270
  • Sentry H.F. Shield
    • Ship Type: Heavy Fighter
    • Capacity: 654
    • Regeneration Rate: 14
    • Price: $1,080
  • Sentry L.F. Shield
    • Ship Type: Light Fighter
    • Capacity: 600
    • Regeneration Rate: 13
    • Price: $1,000

Bases Selling Sentry Class Graviton ShieldsEdit

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