Sheffield Station houses many of the off-shift prison, manufacturing, and mining personnel who work in facilities scattered throughout the Manchester system. A large number of guilds and shipping companies have regional headquarters on Sheffield, including Bowex and Gateway Shipping. But the Bounty Hunters Guild more or less administrates the station, and its members keep the BPA Newgate prison filled to capacity.


  • LOCATION: Manchester system
  • CLASS: Zeus
  • GRAVITY: Complete
  • DOCKING: Yes

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OUTCAST PLAGUE BLAMED ON LIBERTY: SHEFFIELD STATION -- A recent study funded by Bowex has shown that the majority of Outcasts that travel through Bretonia are trying to pass through to Liberty, where they sell their narcotic Cardamine into the black markets. "The damage they do here is circumstantial. They are criminals, so they have no qualms about piracy, but there is nothing drawing them to Bretonia in particular, except the path to Liberty," researcher Alistair Jordan stated in a special press conference held on the station. Unfortunately, these findings do not diminish the effects that Outcasts have had in Manchester.

ANNUAL SHEFFIELD FESTIVAL A SUCCESS: SHEFFIELD -- The Interstellar Beer and Ale Festival held each year at Sheffield was once again a huge success, with only two deaths and 22 injuries reported during the four-day festival. William Cartwright and James McFee were both killed in deathmatch keg-stand competitions, while several others were injured. The majority of injuries came from the enormous brawls that occur during the height of the festival. Rheinland's XXX Nova Bock took first prize from the judges this year.

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