Atka Research Station.


Freeport 7 wreckage. Note the distinctive trinary star system in the background.

Sigma 17

Sigma 17 System Including Wrecks

Sigma 17
is a Border World system that lies outside the Sigma 19 system. The system is known for the amount of alien organisms, and have attracted at least two corporations, Samura Heavy Industries and Cryer Pharmaceuticals, to establish bases there. The sole jump gate is located at the Northeast side of the system, and connects the Sigma 19 system.

On the criminal side, the Corsairs and the Outcasts frequent both bases, and are constantly harassing the Atka Research Station.

The Zoners had previously established a base in the system, Freeport 7, which was destroyed during the Nomad events of 800 AS. Its ruins can still be found.

It is noteworthy as being the only instance of a trinary-star system in the Sirius Sector. The stars are one medium and two dwarfs (Green, green and blue, respectively).


Connecting Jump GatesEdit

Connecting Jump HolesEdit





  • Ruins of Freeport 7 (3E) - nothing important there, just some wrecks with no salvage
Name Location Weapons Commodities Hazards
Mongoose 6E (UR) BLUE BLAZE (2)
Paralyzer Missile (10)
Gunslinger Turret Mk1
Robert Fitzgerald 4F (LC) Heavy Starbeam (2)
Adv. Starbeam Turret (3)
Alien Organisms (20) Radiation

Unknown objectEdit

  • Unknown object @ Sigma-17

    Unknown object @ Sigma-17

    Near the northwest corner of the system (grid B2) is an isolated hazard buoy (yellow lights) which shows as an "object unknown" on sensors when approached; it can't be destroyed and does not appear on the system map.

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