Sigma-19 Physical map incl

Sigma-19 Physical map incl. wrecks

Sigma 19 (Border Worlds). Connects Honshu and Sigma 17. It is between Outcast and Corsair territory, so it's a quite dangerous system. The only Trade Lane connects the Honshu Jump Gate and the Gas Miner Ogashawa (GMG). Orbiting the plantet Hiran, you can find the Luxury Liner Hawaii (Orbital Spa and Cruise).


Connecting Jump GatesEdit

Connecting Jump HolesEdit


  • Cerebus (uninhabited) (E3/2)
  • Hades (uninhabited) (E3/2)
    • A medium-sized world of swirling methane clouds locked in a gravitational embrace with its twin, Cerebus. Scientists have been unable to determine how two planets so similar to each other reached their present configuration.
  • Hiran (uninhabited) (E6/D6)
    • A gas giant with few resources worth the climb out of its steep gravity well, Hiran's unique composition provides a colorful, vibrant attraction for tourists aboard the nearby Luxury Liner Hawaii.


Name Location Weapons Commodities Hazards
Hien 3E (C) Skyblast Turret A
Sunblast B (2)
Menorca 6F (UL) Angelito II (2) Artifacts (20) {{{5}}}
Perez 3D (LL) Dragoon Turret
Wyrm 1 (2)
Cardamine (20) RSE

House Factions/CorporationsEdit


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