This page and the sub-pages for each mission contain spoilers regarding the single-player storyline. Individual mission pages linked below are extremely detailed, and include character dialogue, details of battles, tips and tricks, as well as other spoilers. You have been officially warned!


Freelancer's single player mode requires one to first complete the entire plot. Assuming you've been industrious while Juni and friends haven't been running your life, you should rise in level quickly following the completion of the story mode. If you've been steadily building your total net worth (exploring the outer systems of the Sirius Sector and finding Class 10 weapons in wrecks in the Edge Worlds helps), it is entirely possible to finish story mode and instantly level up to max level, allowing one to immediately purchase the best weapons and ships in the game... assuming one's reputation allows it!

Mission 1Edit

Tutorial Time!

Mission 2Edit

Smash Smugglers!

Mission 3Edit

Protect Artifacts!

Mission 4Edit

Escape Liberty!

Mission 5Edit

Find Sinclair!

Mission 6Edit

Find Quintaine!

Mission 7Edit

Escape Bretonia!

Mission 8Edit

Enter the Dragon!

Mission 9Edit

Trounce Tekagi

Mission 10Edit

Don't Forget Rheinland!

Mission 11Edit

Full Circle...

Mission 12Edit

That's no moon...

Mission 13Edit's a Dyson Sphere!