The Sirius Sector is the group of star systems where the humans live.

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After the exodusEdit

Main articles The Alliance - Coalition War; Timeline of the Sirius Sector; Single Player Plot

Centuries ago, humans lived in the Solar system, divided in to two warring factions; the Coalition and the Alliance. After more than a century of fighting the Coalition emerged victorious and launched a final assault against the Alliance's stronghold. In a desperate attempt to survive, the Alliance launched five Sleeper Ships heading for the Sirius Sector. The events in Freelancer take place 8 centuries after the first of the sleeper ships, the Liberty, arrived in the Sirius Sector.


Four of the sleeper ships founded the Major Houses of the Sirius Sector:

  • Liberty: was the first to arrive. Owns five star systems.
  • Rheinland: the second to arrive. Owns five star systems.
  • Kusari: the third Sleeper Ship to arrive. Owns six star systems.
  • Bretonia: arrived 20 years after the Liberty, due to engine damage, sustained during the escape. Owns six star systems.


There are criminals in all Major Houses. Owing to numerous reasons, some groups decided to break the laws or fight against their government.

The Hispania factions have the best trained pilots, the best ships available in the game and also manufacture some of the best Class 9 weapons.


There are four main nebulas in Sirius: the Crow Nebula, Walker Nebula, The Barrier, and the Edge Nebula

Star SystemsEdit

There are 52 known star systems. Main article: Systems

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