Locked in a geosynchronous orbit within the planetary shadow of Planet Schutz, Solarius Station is the sole haven in the dangerous environment of Omega-11. At the heart of the system is a late-stage red giant that releases random radiation storms, fatal to any organic life unfortunate enough to be caught without protection. Despite the hazards, however, the Omega-11 system is also on of the most abundant sources of Diamonds in Sirius, the valuable gemstones locked in the circle of volcanic asteroids that ring the dying sun. Daumann Heavy Construction obtained the contract to develop Omega-11 and by 410 AS had managed to finish the construction of Solarius Station -- at the cost of 87 men and women who died "for the greater glory of Rheinland and its people".


Commodities BuyingEdit

Commodities SellingEdit

Guns for SaleEdit

Turrets for SaleEdit

Missiles for SaleEdit

Shields For SaleEdit

Torpedoes/Cruise Disruptors for SaleEdit

Mines for SaleEdit

  • Wardog Mine
  • Razor Mine
  • Tadpole Mine
  • Driller Mine

Other EquipmentEdit

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