The Stalker Missile family has one major theme: move fast! Stalker missiles do roughly half as much damage per missile as their Javelin series counterparts, but are far more likely to find the target with their speed and turning ability. Also, all Stalker family missiles have a refire rate of 1, or one shot per second - twice as fast as a Javelin series, essentially giving them the same damage per second. However, all Stalker series ammo is more expensive than the equivalent Javelin series ammo and runs out twice as quickly.

Stalker Family Missiles by ClassEdit

X19 "Stalker" Homing Missile Launcher - Class 1Edit

Developed to recognize and better-track the evasive actions of target ships, the Stalker provides a remarkable advantage for its relative cost. Though delivering less of an explosive payload than many of its counterparts, this missile's strength lies in its deadly accuracy and dogged relentlessness in the field.

  • Requires Stalker Missile
  • Price - $650
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $32/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 244
  • Shield Damage - 122

X22 "Windstalker" Homing Missile Launcher - Class 3Edit

Developed from the original design of the Stalker series, the Windstalker launcher's missile carries a larger payload yet does not sacrifice any of the necessary maneuverability. The Windstalker is considered by many to be the best choice for its ability to deliver additional power without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Requires Windstalker Missile
  • Price - $2,380
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $119/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 373
  • Shield Damage - 186

X27 "Moonstalker" Homing Missile Launcher - Class 5Edit

Providing superior firepower with the renowned maneuverability and accuracy of the Stalker series, the Moonstalker continues the rich tradition. This launcher delivers a projectile so accurate and powerful that it is supremely hailed as the premiere homing missile available for its relative price.

  • Requires Moonstalker Missile
  • Price - $9,700
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $485/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 606
  • Shield Damage - 303

X33 "Sunstalker" Homing Missile Launcher - Class 7Edit

One of the most advanced models available, the Sunstalker makes good on the promises of reliability and accuracy set down by the Stalker series of homing missiles. This launcher is considered by some to be the "only one to take into the Border Worlds" and therefore occupies a special place in their arsenals.

  • Requires Sunstalker Missile
  • Price - $32,230
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $1,611/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 1,045
  • Shield Damage - 522

X45 "Firestalker" Homing Missile Launcher - Class 9Edit

  1. Considered by friend and foe alike to be the ultimate in homing missile technology, the Firestalker simply delivers the best homing missile available. With maximum range, tracking abilities and destructive potential this weapon is hailed as the king of all homing weapons and has even been criticized by some liberals as being "too cruel" to use in combat.
  • Requires Firestalker Missile
  • Price - $156,620
  • Ammo Cost/Shot - $7,831/ea.
  • Hull Damage - 2,445
  • Shield Damage - 1,222

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