The Stunpulse Turret is one of the early choices for a beginning turret in a Heavy Fighter or Freighter loadout in the beginning of the game. The Stunpulse series of Pulse Weapons is purchasable at many bases, and can be purchased by a player of any level.

It costs only $770 credits; due to its efficiency at stripping shields, it is a popular choice for additional shield stripping power on the Liberty BDR-337 Defender Heavy Fighter. It is also the only pulse turret available for purchase until Class 6 Weapons are available for the player to purchase at Level 16.

Class Faction Name Hull Shield Energy RoF Speed Effcncy DPS



Stunpulse Turret 4.6 153 9.18 4 700 16.66 612

Bases Selling Stunpulse Turrets (by System)Edit

New York systemEdit

California systemEdit

Colorado systemEdit

Magellan systemEdit

Leeds systemEdit

New London systemEdit

Cambridge systemEdit

Manchester systemEdit

Dublin systemEdit

Edinburgh systemEdit

Kyushu systemEdit

New Tokyo systemEdit

Honshu systemEdit

Cortez systemEdit

Kepler systemEdit

Omega 3 systemEdit

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