Tau-23 (Border Worlds) is between Bretonia and Kusari. Bretonia Mining and Metals estabilished a base to exploit the resources in the system, but the Independent Miners Guild also estabilished their own base. This system is claimed by the Outcasts, who use it as entrance for their drugs smuggling into Kusari. The strong criminal presence and the continuous radiation make this system dangerous for the miners who work here and for the occasional travellers, unless they get on well with the Outcasts.



  • None

Connecting Jump GatesEdit

Connecting Jump HolesEdit

House Forces/CorporationsEdit



Name Location Weapons Commodities Hazards
Edmund Marshall F6/7 Beryllium (15) Radiation
Wolverine 5E (LC) Winchester Mk II (2)
Gunslinger Mk I Turret
Countermeasure Dropper
Countermeasure Flares (20)
Wasp Missile (15)


"This is civilized space here. Tau-23 is some wild country. Outcasts are buzzing around like hornets out there. I watched a Skye-22 Ring crane get demolished by the Outcasts last time I was up there. They lost a lot of people on that project. That's for the thrill-seeking DSE types. Not me." - Dr. Marcus Farmington, Deep Space Engineering, Waterloo Station, New London system

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