Governor Tekagi (died 805 AS) was a Kusari politician and one of the most powerful nobles in Kusari, being able to privately meet with Rheinland Chancellor Niemann. While highly influential, according to the Blood Dragons, Tekagi was always a vile, unpleasant man. However, after being infected with a Nomad, presumably from the possessed Niemann, he grew ill, and both friends and enemies noticed that Tekagi began behaving in a highly unusual fashion, even for him. News reports indicate that Tekagi refused food and sleep for an extended period after his meeting with Niemann. If other news reports regarding other potential Nomad victims are accurate, it is likely that during this time, the Nomad parasite was busily devouring Tekagi's redundant organs.

In Mission 8, Ozu, Juni, Trent and a small strike force of Blood Dragons hijacked a Samura transport in hopes of finding Tekagi and the Proteus Tome. They found neither, so Ozu and Trent led a fleet of Dragons to Tekagi's Arch (alternately known as the Heaven's Gate and the Tohoku Planetary Arch) in the Tohoku system. After a fierce battle, Trent and Ozu infiltrated the base, but were knocked unconcious by neural gas before they could recover the Proteus Tome and escape. The Governor interrogated both men, mortally wounding Ozu with a blade launched from his sleeve, and revealed his possessed nature to Trent, possibly trying to spread the infection to him. However, Lord Hakkera arrived in the nick of time, providing cover fire allowing Trent to seize the Tome and escape, and giving Ozu the opportunity to trigger a hidden explosive, sacrificing his life to kill Tekagi.

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