Tekagi's Arch

A wing of Blood Dragons moves to strike Tekagi's Arch

Originally known as the Tohoku Planetary Arch, this station was once known as one of the wonders of Kusari ingenuity. However, in the years since its creation, the base has fallen under the control of Governor Tekagi, a highly influential and allegedly corrupt Kusari official. Now, it is known simply as Tekagi's Arch, though some refer to it as the Heaven's Gate.

Little is said of the original purpose of the Arch, but considering its sophistication, coupled with its remote location in the Tohoku system, it can be surmised that this facility may have been used in a similar fashion to Liberty's Alaska system. However, no shipyards or obvious prison facilities exist in Tohoku. Interestingly, Tohoku also hosts the story-mode-only Ryuku Base of the Blood Dragons in its asteroid field.


Carved out of as well as built atop a floating planetoid shaped vaguely like a large stone iceberg, the base has several notable structural features. Notably, a long tunnel-like gallery has been cut through the planetoid along the vertical axis of the base's floors. Straddling this gallery at the "top" surface of the planetoid is the Arch itself, which in turn supports two docking bays and four shield generators.

While little to nothing of the interior of the lower portions of the base are shown during the in-game cutscenes, the upper part of the base is explored by Trent and Ozu during the cutscenes of Mission 9. The Arch's design favors wide open spaces, floating bridges, and tall doors and rooms. The pillars and walls are either of polished stone, or covered in intricate patterns, and the furnishings are luxurious. Exterior windows appear are force fields, not glass; sufficient to retain the atmosphere, but apparently not designed to stop weapons or people from passing through.

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