Several years before the game's storyline, some sort of freak accident happened in the Texas system. Apparently involving some horrible Jump Gate malfunction, the system itself was shaken to it's very foundation. The results: two massive dark matter clouds (Pequena Negra and Grande Negra, Spanish/Portuguese for Little Black and Large Black, respectively), where scanner function is reduced to zero and where radiation levels are so high they will destroy even the best ships in the game within seconds and are, ironically, the most memorable landmark in the system; and the West Dallas Debris Field, the apparent remains of the malfunctioned Jump Gate.

Long ago, Texas was home to a great research project held aboard the Research Station Dallas. The project's goal was unclear, but it likely involved the development of a new Jump Gate design. But one day, a tragic accident caused the station to explode with the force of ten thousand or so nuclear bombs. The result was the total destruction of the Texas system's operations. Many fields of Scrap Metal filled the system, two of which were covered by dark matter clouds. The system was promply abandoned by the elite clientele, leaving the system remote. Years later, the system was converted into a prison by the government, with planetside prisons on Houston and orbital prison stations aboard Huntsville and Sugarland.

According to the bartender on Battleship  Mississippi, the epicenter of the explosion was in the middle of the West Dallas Debris Field and the Jump Hole to California in the West Dallas Debris Field was a result of the Incident.

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