This file has been retrieved from the Bounty Hunters Guild Offices at Deshima Station.

LOG ENTRY 342: "Some Things You Shouldn't Say Aloud..."


"Okay, so this is a story about the Research carried out on Willard Research Station, which I have drawn from rumors I heard in the bar."

"From what I gather, the research projects aboard the station are based on alien life forms and artifacts. It's no secret that they study artifacts there, most of them are Dom'Kavash no doubt. But there are other things going on in those labs too. With live specimens."

"A fellow bounty hunter told me that he was ordered to capture an Outcast and bring him back to Willard. The maskers are said to be completely dependant on Cardamine, so I suspect that the Navy conduct research on the captured Outcasts."

"There have been rumors of studies on alien life forms, mostly the Alien Organisms that we all know and love for their extreme credit value in the market. But I've heard of a lab that contains weird orange and purple plants. I suspect that the orange plants are the same plants that the Outcasts created Cardamine from..."

"I won't go any further into the mind-warping experiments now...the Navy's been following me ever since I found out...they don't want me to fill you in on this, so don't let them...*warning klaxon*...Wait"


"DAMMIT! They found me!"

  • sound of a door opens*

"We warned you, hunter. Now you've earned yourself a nice cell on the Missouri."

"Yeah? Well think again, soldier!"

  • sound of Daumann Shredder firing*


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