Thrusters are a speed boosting device that all ships have a slot for. Thrusters default to the "Tab" key. By hitting your thrusters, your ship quickly increases speed by 120. So if you're zipping along at 79 out of Cruise Mode, hitting the thrusters will boost your speed up to 199. Remember: thrusters have a "drain rate", and if you continually use your thrusters, your thruster power percentage will slowly drain to zero, and you're back to normal speed while your thrusters recharge. Thrusters cannot be used while cruising to push your speed any faster than 300.

Drain RateEdit

While all thrusters boost your ship's speed by the same amount, no matter what type of ship you have, the difference between types of thrusters comes down to their "drain rate". The lower the drain rate, the longer the thruster can work on a continuous basis, and the better (and more expensive) the thruster is.


Thrusters don't have a "class" like Shields, Guns, Turrets and Missiles; they also have low level requirements. So, if you have the credits and can find a friendly or neutral base that sells a better thruster during the early game, purchasing upgraded thrusters is a wise investment. Having better thrusters can mean the difference between life and death in drawn out firefights, especially those involving lots of hostile ships.

Uses in CombatEdit

Thrusters are most often used in combat situations to increase speed to help dodge enemy fire. By tapping your thrusters, you can help avoid enemy fire by getting in front of a burst of fire. You can also use thrusters to help close distance to a target you've knocked out of cruise mode with a Cruise Disruptor, or is going after a friendly target. Hitting your thrusters is a great way to get a missile or torpedo "up to speed" quickly while attacking slow targets like battleships or weapons platforms. When simply flying, thrusters can speed things up when the next trade lane or jump gate/jump hole is closer than 1,500 meters, where the warm-up time for the cruise engine makes their use pointless.

Thrusters by Price and DrainEdit

  • Thruster - Drain 165 - $500
  • Deluxe Thruster - Drain 150 - $3,000
  • Order Thruster - Drain 150 - $100
  • Heavy Thruster - Drain 133 - $5,000
  • Advanced Thruster - Drain 125 - $6,000

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