Richard Winston Tobias

"You won't be sorry with that one, I'll tell you. You can trust Richard Winston Tobias to make you the best deal anywhere!" - Tobias.

Tobias is, or was, Edison Trents mentor, and runs the equipment shop on Leeds. He is an unchangeable womaniser, who doesn't pass up a chance to make a move. He also apparently thinks Trent operates the same way, as evidenced by his encounter with Juni and Doctor Sinclair.

Single Player PlotEdit

The player first actually meets Tobias in Mission 4, but log entries about Tobias can be found as far back as Mission 1. Tobias gives Trent a place to lay low after the escape from Liberty, and links up with the player later in the plot as well.


Tobias was apparently a retired high-ranking official in the Bretonia Armed Forces.

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