Universal Shipping is one of the "Big Three" Liberty companies and specializes in the shipping of high-risk, high-value cargo. Universal maintains only one base, in the New York system.


Trenton Outpost is home to Universal Shipping, one of the Big Three family of Liberty companies that also includes Ageira Technologies and Deep Space Engineering. Universal Shipping made its fortune by gambling on shipping silver from California to Colorado for use in terraforming Los Angeles, long before Jump Gates and Trade Lanes reduced the risk of transporting goods over such long distances. Universal then cemented its reputation as the premiere Liberty shipping company in 181 A.S. by signing a contract to handle all shipping between Ageira Technologies facilities and Deep Space Engineering construction sites.


Faction StandingsEdit


"If Ageira builds it, you can count on Universal being the company to ship it. Universal ships the Side Arms to Trenton from Detroit, and we've been doing so for many years." - Rep. Mike Wedel, Universal Shipping

"We bring all manner of Commodities into Manhattan: Gold from New London, Silver from Bonn, Niobium from New Tokyo, and Consumer Goods from Houston. Universal uses her best pilots to make these runs; the Commodities onboard are very valuable and their loss is sorely felt." - Thomas Wise, Universal Shipping, Planet Manhattan

"Universal Shipping handles all Side Arm shipments to LPI and Navy Bases within Liberty space. If you've ever had a cop or a navy boy pull a Perforator on you, then I'm the guy who delivered it to 'em more than likely." - Thomas Wise, Universal Shipping, Planet Manhattan

"Universal ships Superconductors to Trenton from Pueblo. From this base they will be distributed to locations throughout Sirius for all manner of implementations." - Bartender Eric Willmar, Trenton Outpost

"Universal ships Super Alloys to the Oder Shipyard in New Berlin, and let me tell you I must age ten years each time I fly through the Independent Worlds into Rheinland." - Rep James Porter, Universal Shipping

"We provide the Side Arms used by the Kusari security forces. They have laws that ban internal production. No such problem in Liberty." - Harvey White, Universal Shipping, Deshima Station

"Xenos have a strong presence in Kepler. I must admit, I don't mind those psychotic bastards. They don't really attack us; they're too busy blowing up Kusari ships." - Harvey White, Universal Shipping, Deshima Station

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