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  • Dalek955

    Ever notice how the Freelancer factions' described mentalities fit with the characteristics of their weapons? I hadn't noticed until my brother got me thinking about faction weapons, but the more you see the more obvious it is.

    • Zoners' laser weapons fire slowly but have a strong range advantage, as befits a utilitarian faction who just wants to keep trouble at arm's length.
    • The Liberty Rogues, whose enthusiasm exceeds their skill or foresight, use fast-firing lasers that deliver extra damage but wastefully consume power.
    • The fiercely defensive GMG uses powerful photon blasters optimized to cause the most damage in the shortest time, at relatively close range. The names of their weapons, like Skyblast and Sunblast, sound like the sky itself is…
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  • Dalek955

    How to Fill a Page

    May 2, 2012 by Dalek955

    The following are, in my opinion, the things that all of these types of pages should have. Of course, all of this should be well link-ified. Bear this in mind if you make a new page or find a deficient one.

    • Description (just copypaste the Neural Net description)
    • Owner and system location
    • Commodities Buying
    • Commodities Selling
    • Bribes*
    • Ships for Sale
    • Equipment for Sale
    • Optional: picture of the object or its skyline, rumors, news, object stats
    • Category: Bases
    • Protip: Once you add a page on a base, do a quick search for its name and add a link on any other pages that mention it.

    • Description
    • Best Buy/Sell (top five, only one legitimate and one criminal per system)*
    • Places to loot (and who from)**
    • Places to mine (if naturally occurring)**
    • Protip: No Wikipedia …

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