Ever notice how the Freelancer factions' described mentalities fit with the characteristics of their weapons? I hadn't noticed until my brother got me thinking about faction weapons, but the more you see the more obvious it is.

  • Zoners' laser weapons fire slowly but have a strong range advantage, as befits a utilitarian faction who just wants to keep trouble at arm's length.
  • The Liberty Rogues, whose enthusiasm exceeds their skill or foresight, use fast-firing lasers that deliver extra damage but wastefully consume power.
  • The fiercely defensive GMG uses powerful photon blasters optimized to cause the most damage in the shortest time, at relatively close range. The names of their weapons, like Skyblast and Sunblast, sound like the sky itself is attacking you, in keeping with their tradition of using space hazards to destroy their enemies.
  • The precise yet vicious Red Hessians have guns that fire fewer but much more powerful shots.
  • The conservative, patient Corsairs use Neutron weapons, considering their efficient power use and high damage a good trade-off against their short range. However, their tweaks for greater power and range mirror the Corsair's own expanding influence.
  • The vicious, bitter Outcasts use highly destructive tachyon and particle cannons, tuned to deliver the most pain possible at the expense of other practical features. They also name their guns after tentacled or serpentine monsters like the Kraken, befitting the insidious infiltration and inescapable grip of their Cardamine.
  • The rabidly environmentalist Gaians use deadly photon weaponry, but accept reduced refire rates as the cost of more eco-friendly, efficient power use. Of course they also give their guns names like Gaia's Savior and Avenger.
  • Bundschuh guns fire less often, but do more damage. As the weak but outspoken Bundschuh themselves try to do.
  • IMG weapons do less damage but conserve energy. Miners have better uses for that energy.
  • The Bounty Hunters Guild, whose focus is on hunting down criminals wherever they may try to run to, have long-ranged, fast-traveling laser weapons that are hard to outrun.
  • Nomad guns ignore all the rules of human weapons, consuming no power and fitting into no category. Their devastating power and eerie appearance reflect the fearsome danger they represent and the eldritch abominations they are.

Seriously, if there nothing the designers didn't think of?

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