The following are, in my opinion, the things that all of these types of pages should have. Of course, all of this should be well link-ified. Bear this in mind if you make a new page or find a deficient one.


  • Description (just copypaste the Neural Net description)
  • Owner and system location
  • Commodities Buying
  • Commodities Selling
  • Bribes*
  • Ships for Sale
  • Equipment for Sale
  • Optional: picture of the object or its skyline, rumors, news, object stats
  • Category: Bases
  • Protip: Once you add a page on a base, do a quick search for its name and add a link on any other pages that mention it.


  • Description
  • Best Buy/Sell (top five, only one legitimate and one criminal per system)*
  • Places to loot (and who from)**
  • Places to mine (if naturally occurring)**
  • Protip: No Wikipedia entries. We don't care about a metal's boiling point or whatever, we just want to know where we can get a good price for it.


  • Description
  • Stat infobox
  • Purchase locations**
  • Optional: Looting locations
  • Categories: Weapons, [Type] Weapons, [Faction] Weapons.

These are the ones that have the most trouble. If I ever feel ambitious I'll make handy templates of these.

*can wait until you have time to visit the planet/acquire the item, since you can't find out through the navmap and have to physically go there or have some.

**it's okay if you don't know any such places, or if you miss a few

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