There's one thing I'd like to know about Mission 7, and it is why the Battleship York, idly stationed around Planet Waterford in the Leeds system, does not do so much as budge even when Rheinland ships launch a bloody assault on  Stokes Mining Station and the area between Glasgow Outpost and the Tau-31 system Jump Gate? For crying out loud, it's ideally stationed practically right in between the two sites that get attacked. Is this just because the battleships Bretonia uses are nowhere near as mobile as the Rheinland Battleship, the Rheinland Cruiser, the Liberty Cruiser or the Liberty Dreadnought, all of which have been shown to be somewhat mobile throughout the Single Player Plot? And when Tobias mentions "The Bretonian military has been alerted. They will be here soon. Good luck, Glasgow! Go, Trent: activate the jump gate! I'll see you on the other side...", does he mean that the York finally gets moving, or does he just mean that the Bretonia Armed Forces are sending some small ships, such as the Cavalier, the Crusader or Bretonian Gunboats.

Another thing, how come Bretonia doesn't use cruisers, Kusari doesn't use cruisers or gunboats and Liberty does not use gunboats either?

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