OK, me hearties, the bases have all been installed in the various Systems, yarr! Now, the styles don't all match up, and some of the bases may not list equipment the same, or list all equipment (a number of bases don't show what thrusters or countermeasure droppers are for sale, for instance)... BUT... at last, it's in there!

What is now mostly missing is a lot of detail stuff for equipment and flavor text/rumors/news from the various bases and factions. Many of the bases where I have gathered rumors don't show all available rumors, as my character wasn't necessarily friendly with all the factions present on the bases I was visiting. There is still a lot of room for discussion of various piloting styles, tips, tricks, reputation grinding patterns, trade routes (and raid routes!), favorite ship loadouts... you name it!

I will continue to document the Single Player Plot as I play through it and update the various Mission pages as I go. So far, right on the cusp of starting Mission 5... I've been focusing a lot more on the structure of the wiki than on actually playing through the game for now, but the Missions will be completed before long.

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