OK - If anyone notices the fact that I'm spending several hours a week on this puppy, here's a rant that'll explain it all.

Longtime player; never multiplayed, didn't have the connection then and since I've avoided MMO's, as they consume my soul. Freelancer, however, with its active mod community, keeps me refreshed. I've always loved pilot sims and this one, while specious in its depiction of how objects move in space (a cursory physics background and some thinking on the concept of thrusters on ships and missiles, as well as the distances actual space combat would occur at) still keeps me interested, and draws me back. There's lots of sides, plenty of systems, an interesting background political structure, plenty of ships to blow up, and it feels Star Wars-esque.

In looking at the Wiki, though, it seems kind of skeletonized. In my editing, I first started with end-game weapons and places of interest, but in looking through the Most Visited pages, I've noticed that the New York system gets a lot of hits. Commodities are at least taken care of: they're universal everywhere. The equipment lists are nearly bare; I've finalized Class 9 Weapons for those who care to play around with their Class 9 slots on their Eagles, Sabres and Titans at least. Too bad there's no Class 10 Turrets, or a way to turn guns into turrets, and vice versa.

So I swing from the Omega to the Alpha, where players begin. At least this way, newcomers will be able to get a handle on where things are and what's going on in the beginning, and perhaps help the community out a bit by encouraging the fresh blood. In other words, I'll be building up the pages in the Liberty Systems, Independent Worlds, and Bretonia Systems first. Thank you, Freelancer Info .ini reader!

If I get extremely bored, I may go hang out in the bars and talk to strangers a lot and transcribe what rumors I hear, and whom I hear them from. It's actually quite interesting in the early story mode. Wish I could just clip THAT out of the .ini file.

Anyhoo, if you're reading this rant, you probably are reading the wiki! Please help contribute if you're a player and like the site! And if you feel like it... drop me a line!

Tarmustdie 04:33, October 8, 2009 (UTC)

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