OK all I've been thinking...

We've got a ridiculous number of pages for weapons etc... there's one for each level of the Justice class, for instance. Makes it a pain to link 'em all when you're adding the items to the bases, that's for certain.

When I did the Shields entries last time, I did it by type (Graviton, Positron, Molecular) as well as by class (Sentry, Adv. Sentry, Guardian, etc). Therefore you can go to the Graviton Shields page and look up each type of shield if you want (and where they are sold). Missiles were even simpler: I divided up the missiles into three "Families" (Eraser, Javelin & Stalker). So three pages handle all missile entries (except for cruise disruptors and torpedoes).

What I'm thinking is that we might want to have a main weapons page with weapons broken down into types (Laser, Neutron, Particle, Photon, Plasma, Pulse, Tachyon), with subtypes for each make (Civilian Lasers, Liberty Lasers, Liberty Rogue Lasers, Bounty Hunter Lasers, Blood Dragon Lasers, Red Hessian Lasers...). This will allow readers to quickly compare different types of weapons (lasers versus plasma weapons, etc) as well as to compare the different makes of each type (Rogue lasers do more damage but use more power; Bounty Hunter lasers have greater range but do less damage and use more power, etc).

If we do it that way, we can have several individual weapons pages that are currently existing and redirect them to a single page. This should make it easier to compare items and also easier to edit the wiki.

Any and all comments are welcome!

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