Vance in the Bar on Planet Cambridge

Vance is an employee of Professor Roland Quintaine of the Cambridge University. Vance is a pilot who shuttles scientists from the planet to various archaeological digs in the Border Worlds. Vance appears briefly at the beginning of Mission 5, and suggests that Trent and Juni visit an associate of Professor Quintaine's, Dr. Sinclair. Vance mentions that she was recently working on Planet Sprague in the adjacent Omega 3 system.


Vance is a former expert combat pilot, fallen on hard luck for unknown reasons, now taking odd jobs for academics on Planet Cambridge. Vance is quite fond of the bottle, and prefers Edison Trent's favorite booze, Sidewinder Fang.

Rumors About VanceEdit

"I saw you talking to Vance earlier. That guy used to be one of the best combat pilots around here, but he's totally washed up now. All he does nowadays is shuttle people from planet to planet, and whatever money he makes, he uses to buy this terrible Sidewinder Fang stuff." - Constable Charles Simms, Bretonia Police, Planet Cambridge

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