Very Heavy Fighter is a class of pilotable ships in Freelancer.

Very Heavy Fighters by RankEdit

Lvl Mfr. Ship Name Guns/Max Class Batt/Bots Energy Cap Charge Turn Hold Price
16 Order Anubis x6/1, Class 6 29/29 4,000 395 1.04 70 $1,100
26 Hunters Hammerhead x6/1, Class 9 49/49 7,400 750 1.34 70 $351,550
30 Civilian Eagle x6/1, Class 10 63/63 10,400 1,040 1.34 70 $558,550
30 Border Sabre x6/1, Class 10 63/63 10,400 1,040 1.04 70 $558,550
32 Corsairs Titan x6/1, Class 10 71/71 11,900 1,190 1.04 70 $776,380

The Very Heavy Fighter was a successful attempt to bridge the gap between bombers and fighters. It manages to combine powerful armor with much-improved maneuverability over a bomber.

While unable to match a light fighter in maneuverability, it can outlast one in a dogfight. The VHFs, as they are known, lack a large cargo bay, but that is best left to the Transports and Freighters anyway. VHFs make up for the lack of maneuverability and small cargo bay for firepower. Some of them, like the Eagle, Sabre and Titan, can carry level 10 guns.

The Hammerhead is basically a cheaper, larger, weaker version of the Eagle. It is capable of carrying level 9 weapons but can't fire them for long, causing skilled pilots to overlook this ship for the three main VHFs. However, it's sold cheaply in a relatively neutral space and is a good stepping stone to work towards the other VHFs.

The Order Anubis is more like a heavy fighter than a very heavy fighter, seeing that it can't carry weapons above level 6, leaving only the three most sought-after VHFs in the game, each focusing on one major aspect but keeping the basic loadout and cargo capacity.

The vaunted Outcast Sabre is capable of carving up almost anything in its path. When flown by a skilled pilot, not even the Corsair's Titan can withstand it. This ship is made all the more powerful by the inclusion of a torpedo mount, one thing all Light fighters lack. It's maneuverability is the same as most heavy fighters or the Titan. The strength this fighter focuses on is firepower. Many pilots choose this ship for this reason, making it equal in popularity to the Eagle.

The Titan is the main vessel flown by the Corsairs, a group of well-organized criminals. It shares many aesthetic devices with the Legionnaire and Centurion, the Corsairs' Light and Heavy fighters. It also maintains it's length from it's light fighter, making it the smallest VHF. This ship is the most armored ship in the game, boasting a whopping 12600 hit points. The strength of this fighter is durability. However, pilots overlook this aspect, saying that maneuverability or firepower if more important than durability, making this the least popular VHF in multiplayer games.

The Eagle is seen mostly in the Omicron systems controlled by the Zoners. It has the least amount of armor of the three main VHFs, but the most maneuverable. The strength of this ship is maneuverability, making this the most popular ship in multiplayer games.

List of VHFs:

- Order Anubis

- Civilian Eagle

- Borderworlds Sabre

- Corsairs Titan

- Bounty Hunter Hammerhead