WTS World CCN (ver. 4.17) Edit

A modification for Microsoft / Digital Anvil Freelancer Space Sim Game


Latest version to run on the Predator and Wicked Witch's one and only WTS World Server 4.17 (IP:

Also Visit

  • Mr. Crabtree's Homepage: [1]
  • Game Forum: [2]
  • The Ship Archive and System Map (made by Wicked Witch): [3]


  • join the Teamspeak at IP:

If you played Freelancer for years and come to the WTS WORLD CCN Server, than you will be a newbie again

Main features:

  • a variety of 549 different planes and ships,and some of them are cloakable
  • a large variety of equipment and weapons
  • totally new equipment possibilities (powerplants, scanners, tractor beams, upgrades for shields and reactors, armor, radiation shields, ....) to outfit your ship with
  • a lot of new systems to explore, some incredibly big with more than one "solar system“ and
  • the possibility of entering the atmosphere of a planet
  • special reputation settings for clans and clan bases, where you can start your own space imperium,including the chance to conquer and destroy your enemie's bases
  • really unfriendly NPCs, which are a challenge for any pilot meeting the best NPC-killers in the world, the [974] clan, which blast those like nothing
  • a world wide multiplayer community with some of the best pilots around are waiting for you to PVP with them
  • special server features include player cloaking, bounty hunt, special death messages, bumper wars, and more

Learn more, get the mod and join the community at the WTS World Forum

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