West Point Military Academy

West Point Military Academy

West Point Military Academy has been training the best and brightest officers in the Liberty military for over 600 years. The commandant for West Point is currently Admiral Walter Evans, and his staff includes decorated veterans such as Captain Jason Findley and Captain Marcus Walker.


  • CLASS: Military

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  • Justice Mk I
  • Justice Mk II
  • Justice Mk III
  • Lavablade Mk I
  • Lavablade Mk II
  • Lavablade Mk III

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  • Lavablade Turret Mk I
  • Lavablade Turret Mk II

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  • Drone Mine
  • Seeker Mine


HAZING BANNED AT WEST POINT: WEST POINT -- The West Point command staff banned hazing today after the controversy stirred up last year involving fhe death of one of its newest recruits, Christine Belton. The youth died of alcohol poisoning during "hell week" at the academy's most popular fraternity. "Christine shouldn't have been drinking like that, since she was a small woman," said cadet Josh Dawkins, a member of the fraternity, who was the first to report the incident to the staff at West Point.

RHEINLAND CRITICAL OF LIBERTY NAVY: HOUSTON -- According to New Berlin, the crew aboard the Battleship Mississippi is not doing an adequate job of protecting Rheinland ships passing through Texas. This statement was made after Republican Shipping lodged a complaint with the Rheinland government concerning the number of convoys that have fallen victim to Xenos, Rogues, and Outcasts in the system. Liberty asserts that its own ships are offered even less protection in the Hamburg system.


"The tactics that our cadets here are instructed in cover all manner of scenarios, from defending our space from foreign invasion to small-operations tactics. The best of our graduates go on to captain dreadnoughts and other capital ships. If they have good, fast-twitch reflexes and lightning-quick decision-making abilities, they might end up piloting a Liberty Heavy Fighter as leader of an attack wing." - Captain Pam Armstrong, Liberty Navy

"We teach these cadets the importance of estimation. An officer must never overestimate his own capabilities, or the capability of his men or his ship. Overestimating our forces was the darkest lesson that the Liberty Navy ever had to learn." - West Point Bartender Walter Montgomery

"I was the marine commander aboard the Missouri for many years. Now they have me teaching these little runts about ship-boarding operations and planetary-invasion scenarios. I miss being back aboard the "Iron Miz". I suppose it's my duty to train whelps now." - Lieutenant Jonah Helmuth, Liberty Navy

"Right before graduation the cadets here are sent into the Badlands to kill some criminals. It's the last part of their training, and they go without an instructor. By that point they should be able to handle themselves reasonably well, even if they are still pretty green." - Lieutenant Jonah Helmuth, Liberty Navy

"I've been waiting to get into West Point my whole life, but now I don't know if I'll be able to handle it. Last week my dorm mate and best friend died on one of our patrols sweeping the outer edges of the Badlands. Outcasts weren't supposed to come through that area, just Rogues." - Lieutenant Jonah Helmuth, Liberty Navy

"Outcasts killed some of our boys last week. Our intelligence showed that our training wing's operating area was supposedly unpopulated by Outcasts. Well, Intel was wrong and we lost two cadets. The instructor was able to bag a couple of Outcast ships before they escaped back into the Badlands." - Lieutenant Christopher Thompson, Liberty Navy

"This academy is near the California Jump Gate. California is a favorite hangout for the Lane Hackers. Lane Hackers were former Ageira employees who turned to crime. They're smarter than most of the criminals you'll go up against." - West Point Bartender Walter Montgomery

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