Freelancer has plenty of enemies and other ways to kill you. Fortunately, you have an ally: that ship you're flying isn't just hunk of machinery, it will actively help you out.


Even aside from the capabilities of the navmap, your ship can navigate by itself. The Go-To and Dock features are essentially a limited autopilot, allowing you to select an object or waypoint and then simply order "make it so". Aside from convenience, this is a must when using a Freighter, since these fight best while on autopilot.

The Dock feature is not available more than 9.5 km from the object in question. No problem, just hit Go-To and switch over to Dock when you're close enough.

Hazard AvoidanceEdit

If you enter a danger field of any kind, your ship will give you a voice warning, and for some hazards will automatically avoid it. If your ship encounters a planet or sun while in autopilot, it will go around. Asteroids and mines will be automatically steered around, so you can fly through fields without constantly hitting things. It does this so well that if you take it into your head to crash on purpose, it's actually quite difficult to do without switching to free-flight mode.

Note that your ship cannot evade radiation fields (they're just too big), and that it may not give mines enough distance. Think twice when encountering either of these.


In a fight, you will see little red +'s near your enemies. This is actually predictive targeting. If you shoot at the +, that is where the enemy will be when your shots arrive. The ship will even make your shots converge there.

The autotargeting shows a big + for the selected enemy, and little ones for other enemies and fired munitions. That's right, you can even shoot down missiles and mines with this feature.

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